Yi people and the legend of Pan hu

Presently the Commanderies of Liang, Han, Pa, Shu, Wu-Iing, Ch’ang-sha, and Lu-chiang are all inhabited by Marn. They eat rice gruel mixed with the flesh of various fish, they pound on containers and howl to honor P’an-hu with sacrifices. This
custom has lasted until the present day. The above are the reasons for our saying:

“Bare buttocks, yellow trousers do
Reveal descendants of P’an-hu.”

Kan Pao’s fascination with plan-hu was repeated in his now-lost Chin-chi { IS} [Annals of Chin] where he declared that various groups of Yi living in the south were descendants of Pan-hu and described the sacrifices that they made to him.

— Source: Dog Myths,  Sino-Platonic Papers, 87 (November, 1998)

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