The Legend of the ‘Never-Dying Mountain’, Fujiyama

Mt Fuji is surrounded by a number of myths and legends, below is one involving a woodsman called Visu:

” … the tale goes that the mountain was born in a single day (1). The story relates the experiences of a woodsman named Visu. He was awoken one night by a loud noise, seemingly coming from under the Earth. The woodsman believing it to be an earthquake, grabbed his family and ran from their home (1). When he emerged from the doorway, he saw that the land near his home, which had been flat and dead, had become a mountain! Visu was so in awe of this occurrence, and the majesty of the mountain, that he named it “Fuji-yama”, the Never-Dying Mountain (1). While geologically, Mt. Fuji dates back to around 8500 B.C. (3), this myth places the legendary creation of Mt. Fuji in (2)86 B.C. (4). This later date roughly coincides with the geologic record of an explosive eruption that occurred around this time frame (3). While it is not known what the true source of this myth is, it is not outside the realm of conjecture to suggest that the myth could have been influenced by the aforementioned eruption.

Excerpted from: “Volcano Myths and legends – Japan

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