Kami Seoritsu hime (deity of waterfalls and rapids) and Hayasasura hime no Kami (deity of the sea), who bear away all sin=illness, mishaps and disasters in ablution rituals


By graciously pronouncing the name of Izanagi no okami, who purified himself by ablution in the calm sea in the morning sun, and the names of all the purification-Kami who came into existence during this purification, I express my humble wish to be purified myself from all disasters, mishaps, transgressions, faults, and defilements.

I ask all purification Kami to forward my request of purification to amatsukami (heavenly Kami), kunitsukami (earthly Kami) and yaoyorozu no kami (the myriad other Kami). Most reverently I entreat all Kami to have my wish fulfilled.


In translation:

Once there was in the high plain of heavens a couple of ancestral Kami, male and female, who ordered all Kami to assemble in a great meeting.

After everybody was consulted and all and everything was thoroughly discussed, they spoke the following words:

“Our sovereign grandchild will be entrusted the rule over the fertile earth in order to keep peace.”

Overlooking the country that was entrusted to him, the great grandchild asked the unruly Kami of earth why they were so rebellious. Whenever he could not pacific them, he drove them out. So he conquered any resistance that was concepaled behind rocks, under the roots of trees or in the reeds, until everything was calm.

Then he left his rock-seat in heaven. With his mighty power he pushed aside the many layers of thick clouds and descended from the heavens to the earth.

After his descent he ruled over the land of Yamato in such a way that it became the most radiant and most peaceful country on the earth.

Setting up pillars firmly in the rocks underground he built a beautiful palace and its roof rose high towards the high heavenly plain. Concelaed within this palace that mirrors heaven and the sun, he regined over the land that became a peaceful country.

Since then many people were born, who inevitably committed a lot of mistakes and transgressions, heavenly sins (amatsu tsumi) and earthly sins (kunitsu tsumi)

Inorder to purify the materailzied bad vibrations resulting from these sins it is necessary to perform a duly prescribed ritual.

Firstly, cut the root and the top of the heavenly tree and make sticks of it. Assemble them to make a stand.

Next, cut off the bottom and top of the heavenly sedge reeds, and tear them into many strips.

Finally, recite the heavenly words, the solemn ritual words (amatsu norito no futonorito).

As soon as these solemn words are properly pronounced, the heavenly Kami will push the heavenly rock-door open and push aside the many layers of thick clouds, in order to hear and and acknowledge the words of the ritual.

The earthly Kami will climb the mountains, the high and the low ones, and clear away the mist around the top, in order to hear and acknowledge the words of the ritual. As soon as the solemn words have been heard and acknowledged by the Kami of heaven and earth, the whole country will be purified from every kind of sin. It will be as if the Kami of the wind has blown away the thick clouds. It will be as if the morning fog and the evening fog are dispersed by a blast. It will be as if a big ship–after its ropes at the prow and the stern are cut–is pushed out from the harbor into the ocean. It will be as if a tree with lustrous leaves is cut at its base with a tempered sickle, a sharp sickle, and tumbles down from the hill. Likewise all sins and faults will fall down from moutnains high and low, and will be taken away by the Kami Seoritsu hime, who dwells at waterfalls and rapids, and She takes them away to the sea. There in the sea, they will be swallowed by the Kami Hayaakitsu hime, who dwells in the wild brine, the myriad currents of brine, in the who will wander off with them and surely lose them finally.

Since they are finally lost by Hayasasura hime no kami, each and every sin has gone from now on. Likewise we pray in this solemn ritual to the heavenly Kami, the earthly Kami and the myriad other Kami that they hear us and grant our wish for purification. After they are swallowed all the impurities are blown away by the Kami Ibukidonushi, who lives in the Ibukido, until they reach the nether world. There lives the Kami Hayasasura hime who will wander of f with them and surely lose them finally.

Since they are finally lost by Hayasasura hime, each and every sin has gone from now. Liewise we pray in this solemn ritual to the heavenly Kami, the earthly Kami and the myriad other Kami that they hear us and grant our wish for purification.

Ajimarikan cannot be translated.

Yamakage Shinto acknowledges that it is very hard to keep concentration during the chinkon practice. To solve this problem we recomend to alternate silent practice with another practice using the voice. The practice of making the sound ajimarikan may lead you to deep concentration. This concentration is even deepened if combined with a special gesture of the hands. However, this gesture belongs to a secret tradition that can only be transmitted directly from teacher to practitioner. The origin and exact meaning of ajimarikan are unknown. In ancient times koshinto instructed the new emperor to recite this cahnt during the daijosai, the ritual of enthronement. The chant is endowed with a particular , mysterious rhythm and resonance…

From “The Essence of Shinto: Japan’s Spiritual Heart” 基央·山蔭


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