The Ainu thank the crow for having saved mankind from the sun-devouring devil


Why it is “not for men to say that crows are useless creatures”
“When God created the world the evil one did all he could to frustrate His designs, especially with regard to human beings. Now, after all things were made, the devil perceived that men could not possibly live without the light and warmth-giving sun. He therefore made up his mind to destroy that beautiful and useful work of creation, and thereby injure men. So he got up early one morning, long before the sun had risen, with the intention of swallowing it. But God knew of his designs, and made a crow to circumvent them. When the sun was rising, the evil one opened his mouth to swallow it; but the crow, who was lying in wait, flew down his throat, and so saved it.

“Hence the crows, remembering the benefits they once conferred upon the human race, have an idea that they may do just as they like with men, and live upon the food they provide for the sustenance of themselves and families. Thus we find that they have good cause for being bold and saucy, and it is not for men to say that crows are useless creatures.”

Source: Ainu Legends: Crow  Nova online

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