Reincarnate fox of Mount Shita


The Treasure of a Filial Child – from “The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin” p. 1045

Now the late Abutsu-bo was an in-habitant of a wild and distant island in the northern sea of Japan. Nevertheless, he was anxious about his future exis-tence, so he took religious vows and as-pired to happiness in the next life. When he encountered the exile Nichiren, he embraced the Lotus Sutra, and in the spring of last year he became a Buddha. When the fox of Mount Shita encountered the Buddha’s teaching, he grew dissatisfied with life, longed for death, 21 and was reborn as the god Shakra.

In the same way, the Honorable Abu-tsu grew weary of his existence in this impure world, and so he became a Buddha..

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