Notes: Sanbutsu Temple – the temple that En no Gyoja is said to have built at the foot of the mountain

Sanbutsu Temple * Nageire do

Since old days, Mitokusan Buddhism mountain was flourishing as the old sacred places.
There are tourists visit to see a National treasure Nageiredo. Miracles scene.

Nageire do

National treasure is located on cliffs of Mitoku Mountain

Nageire do

Nageiredo appears on the cliffs of Mitoku Mountain. Who and how it was built on such a place…
The temple built in perfect balance between the rocks is overwhelm the viewer and designated as one of the national treasures

Nageiredo was built when En no Gyoja visited, he built the temple at the foot of the mountain,
then threw it into the caves of the cliff with his strong power, so that it is called Nageiredo. (Throw in temple)

A number of training monks are visiting Mitokusan.
Because the road to the shrine is very harp and some ways are just a chain on the wall to climb up, it is harsh and tough challenge to get up.
Many visitors come to see the sight of the cliff located in a tough road.

If you are confident with your health, please try the tough challenge to climb up the mountain.
The approach to the Santoku mountain, there are also a few steep and dangerous points before climbing, so please pay extra attention when you go up.

pilgrimage information
  • Pilgrimage time 800am – 1700pm
  • Pilgrimage admission Adult 400yen・Elementary/Junior high school 200yen ※group 20 or more 50 yen discount
  • Nageiredo 800am – 1500pm
  • Nageiredo admission Adult 200yen・Elementary/Junior high school 100yen


  • Location
    〒682-0132 1010 Misasa Cho Santoku Tohaku gun
  • Contact
    Santoku mountain Sanbutsu Temple
    Phone 0858-43-2666
    Santoku mountain Sanbutsu Temple web
  • Access
    40 min from Kurayoshi Station
    50 min from Chugoku express way Injo IC
    50 min from Yonago express way Yubara IC
  • Source:

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