Fish pendants found in Kofun tombs find parallels in those ofthe Jurchen and North Caucasus

Far Eastern artifacts in the North Caucasus

In recent years, a number of unusual artifacts finding no parallels in Eastern Europe have been found in the North Caucasus. Only in 2000 were their Far East analogs discovered.

Fish pendants. Five finds of this sort are known. The first fragmented bronzecast, fish-shaped plate was published in 1991.

A fragment of the fish figurine was found among the sand drifts in the outskirts of the modern village of Bazhigan.

This incidental find is attributable to the period of the Golden Horde, the second and third pendants recovereed in the area of the North Caucasian railway crossing No. 13 (see Fig 1, 2) were heavily fragmented. The interior surface of both figurines is ornamented with a net-like decor in the form of crossing oblique lines (engraving) The tail is engraved with longitudinal lines  Both figurines are bronzecast.

In 2004, seven more similar bronze items were found about 500 m away. These pieces are highly reminiscent of fish-shaped pendants widely spread among the Jurchens in the Far East (Shaw Kunor, 1973, 1990)

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