All rights are reserved by HERITAGE OF JAPAN which is owned by Aileen Kawagoe. The writings, images posted on this web blog belong to Heritage of Japan, and Aileen Kawagoe, except where attributed to other authorship and sources.  This is an online educational project, that has been in progress for nearly 10 years. Japanese Mythology & Folklore, is designed to accompany and supplement the HERITAGE OF JAPAN blog. Originally designed for international students in Japan and elsewhere, who are studying the cultural heritage and history of Japan. Research for the project is partially sponsored by the Ishibashi Foundation.  The pages of this blog may be printed for personal study or non-profit classroom instruction purposes, but otherwise, may not be reproduced online in any form without express permission. Permission to reproduce any of the writings, images found in the Heritage of Japan Blog has to be expressly sought,  email A. Kawagoe at

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