Yakubarai (Exorcism)

inaka house

Ponderings that lead to unexpected happenings

As the living space work progressed and the walls got cleaner overall we were feeling pretty good about the place. 

There was a little concern about a dead tree close to the side of the Inaka House. We were chatting one morning when our neighbour popped over with some veggies from his garden. He joined whilst we were staring at the looming tree in the midst of the following  debate:

it does seem rather tall It is rather tall …

Its a little to close to the house Possibly a little too close to the house?

<furrowed brow>:hum… what should we do? Its stood there for around 10 years       without falling over. Maybe it will be OK?

<head-scratch>: I know it is going to fall over as soon as we fix the roof.

<furrowed brow>: yeah that is a real possibility. Do you think we can fell it ourselves?

<head-scratch>: We don’t have the…

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