Oomonoimi Jinja, Yamagata

On mountain religions,


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Omonoimi Jinja (Oomonoimi / Ohmonoimi / Ohomonoimi Jinja) is a shrine in Yamagata that venerates Mt. Chokaisan. There are three shrine locations. The mountain itself is the Omonoimi-no-Kami. It is an active volcano and has erupted several times in recorded history.

Kita-no-yama, Awa-umi-dake, was the name of Chokaisan before it was renamed in the year 1342. This mountain marked the northern boundary of the land in olden days, and it protected against invasions. On the peak of Kita-no-yama is the honsha of Omonoimi Jinja.

Who is Omonoimi-no-Kami? In addition to the Kita-no-yama mountain, this kami is also Ooimi-no-Kami, Toyouke Daijin, and Kurakine-no-tama-no-mikoto (brother of Izanagi), according to shrine information.

The mountain became a place for the practice of shugendo. There are two gateway training centers in the…

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