Notes: 10000 yr old 8-rayed solar symbol in Macedonia – origin of solar symbol?

“(Vecer, 25.10.2001) – The solar eight-ray symbol engraved in stone, discovered three years ago in the place Orlof Kamen near the village of Trnovec, Kratovo, by members of a mixed Macedonian – Italian crew, after it was properly returned to us in the Italian embassy in Skopje, will be placed in the Museum of Kratovo. – The engraved stone was discovered by the crew member Gino Mucilli (employed at the Italian embassy), remembers Dusko Aleksovski, manager of the research and director of the Centre for stone art of the Republic of Macedonia. The surprise and thrill from the unusual discovery was immense. Having on the team Dario Seglie, president of the World federation of stone art, we had immediately done an expert examination for the identification of the discovered stone. The World federation situated in Melbourne, Australia, where the bulletin for 1995 had been published, was immediately informed of the discovery. · Tradition According to the examinations done at the Mining – geological faculty in Stip, the five millenniums old engraved stone has a solar meaning with a long tradition: here, it can be seen since the bronze period until the time of christianisation and even later. It can be seen as a decoration in our churches, as well as the Italian churches. In its original shape (an eight – ray star with particles between the rays), this symbol has already been discovered in the Belasica mountain and is estimated to be 10 000 years old (the current Macedonian flag has an application of the very same engraved stone with a millennium long tradition). With these and other discoveries of engraved stones, the already renowned in the world Centre for stone art gained new information about a number of complexes on the territory of our country that conceal almost a million engraved signs on stones and rocks. Around 100 000 sample have been discovered so far. In fact, a thesis comes out of this, that Macedonia was the cradle of ancient history art and culture and it used to be one of the most important centres of the world education, explains Aleksovski. – I was led to this conclusion by the fact that the discovery of stone-engraved artistic signs will really mean affirmation of the Macedonian nation, science and culture for the simple reason that they are a basis for the world’s language, historic, philosophical and religious heritage. It is so because some of the signs are real 700 year old ideograms and were used as letters in many writing systems like the peonic, the ancient Macedonian, the beotic, the corrint and many others that had an ideogram meaning in ancient history but with the evolution they turned into phonograms, says Dusko Aleksovski. · Continuity Aleksovski says that during these researches, it was concluded that on our entire territory there is a continuity in the creations of the people that made the engraved stones since the distant paleolite (10 millenniums ago) until today. There are also engraved gods with an undefined meaning in the bronze period, which can still be seen today undefined. For example, a motive of a god discovered near the village of Beljakovce, Kumanovo form the bronze time (5000 years ago) was seen by Aleksovski as a motive on a pillow, even though the woman who made it never saw the motive engraved on a stone. “Aleksovski says that because of the importance of the discoveries of the Centre of stone art, they are already being financed by the Ministries for science and education. With the help of the employees of the Italian embassy, the centre will soon have a special machine that will show not only the geographic length of the stones, but also their altitude at all times.” — Culture of Macedonia

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